Online Orders Suspended

Online orders are suspended from 11/7/2017 to 6/8/2017 while we are away on leave. We apologise for any inconvenience but we cannot fill orders when we are away. You may order as per usual but your money will sit there with no action until we return. Alternatively, please place your order after 6/8/2017. Thank you

New Season’s Kernel available

We have nearly finished commissioning our new cracking line and we have been very pleased with the quality of the kernel coming out. It should be fully operational within the week. However we are selling kernel now. Feel free to order online.    

Spring 2014

    We had a warm, moist early spring which is generally bad news for our number one enemy, walnut blight. Blight is a bacterial infection which enters the flower and pollen during rain events and    develops through the season to cause unsightly black marks on the green husk and eventually on the shell …

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Happy Customer!

I was very chuffed to hear from one of our on-line customers recently, Antonella T from Sydney. After we completed our transaction she got back to me by email and wrote:   Thank you ! We purchased some on our recent trip to Tasmania and I now can’t live without them ! THE BEST walnuts …

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