Two hands cupped, full of walnuts in the shell

New-season walnuts available mid-May

We’re getting lots of enquiries already about new-season walnuts – it’s great to know that everyone is looking forward to fresh walnuts as much as we are!

We’ll harvest from early April through to early May, so we should have new-season walnuts dried, graded and available for sale from mid-May.

You will be able to order these in our online store, or by getting in touch with us directly for bulk or wholesale orders.

2 thoughts on “New-season walnuts available mid-May”

  1. Thanks for the update on walnut harvest. Do you plan to have the ‘open day’ again when we can come to pick up a bucket load or two please? If so, would it be in May?

    1. Hi Jeanette, yes we will certainly run the open days again this year, in early May. More info coming shortly. Cheers, Sophie

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