Seconds walnuts available for parrot food

Looking for a nutritious treat for your parrots? The very small walnuts that are too fiddly to open (even our cracking machine doesn’t like them much) are perfect for birds. This is also a way we save the small nuts from going to waste.

According to Pet Keen, the high protein in walnuts makes them a nutritious food source for parrots, and they are also an excellent way to replicate a more natural diet.

If you keep parrots and are interested in buying some walnuts, get in touch with our stockists Essential Animal Supplies (Tas) or Parrot Supplies Australia (mainland) or for bulk orders, contact us directly.

Small walnuts sold for parrot food

2 thoughts on “Seconds walnuts available for parrot food”

  1. Steven Smitm

    Hi I’m looking for a bulk supplier of walnut!
    I breed parrots so I’m happy to take nuts that don’t make the grade for human consumption!

    Could you please advise if this is something you could accommodate.

    Kind Regards

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