The Coaldale family

An older couple and a younger couple stand in an orchard. The younger couple each holds a small child.

Originally from Sydney, Phil and Jane had always imagined having a rural lifestyle and when they came to Tasmania in 1986 they realised it could be possible. They bought Coaldale in 1995 and planted the orchard in 1997 with 1500 trees.

Coaldale Walnuts became a multi-generation family business when Phil and Jane’s daughter Sophie and son-in-law Brad became business partners in 2021.

Together, we are committed to contributing to the fantastic output of the Coal River Valley, as well as participating in the great community the valley supports.

We are passionate about producing great walnuts in a sustainable way so that our land improves as we continue to produce better nuts. The flavour of our nuts surprises many people who have only ever tasted large scale commercially produced imported nuts.

People sometimes say “I don’t like walnuts”, but they are converted once they try ours!

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