Low yield means walnut shortage in 2023

Unfortunately the very wet conditions during spring 2022 severely impacted our crop, resulting in a very poor harvest in May 2023. Our trees suffered from a combination of waterlogging and excessive walnut blight, bacteria which thrives in wet weather, infecting the fruit as it forms.

We sold out of in-shell walnuts within a month of harvest (we usually have a supply to the end of the year), which is why you will see in-shell walnuts marked as ‘out of stock’ in our online store, and most of our usual retailers are sold out of our walnuts too.

We have a much longer supply of walnut kernel, so check our online store for current availability of walnut kernel.

We’re looking forward to drier conditions in the coming season and hope to have a much more plentiful harvest in May 2024!

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