Walnut Kernel bulk 3kg


Award-winning Tasmanian-grown walnut kernel, available in a bulk box of 3kg.

Walnut kernel, already cracked out of their shells so you can enjoy their goodness straight away. These walnuts are great for all types of cooking, including salads & desserts, as well as eating by the handful. This product has won gold medals at the Hobart Fine Food Awards and gold in the Australian Food Awards.

This kernel is packed loose in a lined 3kg box, with a best before date of 6 months from packing. We recommend re-packing in airtight containers to best maintain the health benefits and fresh flavour. Keeping walnut kernel in the fridge or freezer will also help prolong freshness beyond the best before date.

If you have ever eaten a walnut which tastes bitter, this is because the oils are oxidising and becoming rancid – you won’t experience this with Coaldale walnuts.

Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 27 × 18 × 18 cm



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