Pickled Walnuts



Green walnuts, picked in late December before the shell forms, are pickled whole in a unique blend of sugar, vinegar and spices.

They are lovely served on crackers with hard or soft cheese or as part of a ploughman’s lunch with cold meats.

You can even chop them into mashed potato or countless other creations.

We are now using locally produced cider vinegar in our pickling solution. This is produced by Lost Pippin (www.lostpippin.com.au), just 10kms from our farm.

Available in 315gm jars, we’ve been producing pickled walnuts since 2006, and this product has won gold medals at the Hobart Fine Food Awards in 2012 and 2014 as well as a silver in 2015.

We are also now selling 5.2 litre pails of pickled walnuts for wholesale purchase. These can only be shipped commercially by courier and are not available for online sales, unless delivered locally.


Please note that this price does not include shipping.

Shipping will be calculated at checkout, but to give you an idea:

1-4 Jars = $15 shipping and handling

5-8 jars = $18 shipping and handling


Trade inquiries are welcome for bulk orders in Tasmania only, please contact us.