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Springtime in the orchard

Everything is coming to life in the Coaldale Walnuts orchard as the trees finally come out of their winter dormancy and put on a beautiful show of spring growth. Here are some photos – from afar the trees still don’t look very impressive but closer up you can see the lovely coppery new foliage and […]

We are out of Fresh Nuts!

We have reached that stage in the season when our supply of fresh nuts has run out. We will not have any fresh nuts now until our next harvest in April/May 2017. Please contact us then for any orders for fresh nuts and kernel. We still have plentiful supplies of pickled walnuts.  

Harvest is over!

We completed harvest in the first week of May and we have been busy filling orders since then. Harvest was good because quality was high after the dry summer. However, with the drought and reduced water allocation in our irrigation scheme, quantity was down. Overall we are pleased though and the final result is better […]

Sheep in the Orchard

For many years we have used an orchard floor management system where we mow the inter-row grass and throw it sideways under the trees for mulch and to suppress the weeds. We had been thinking of reducing our carbon footprint by reducing the mowing and using sheep to keep the grass down, as well as […]

Wildlife in the Orchard

We’ve always been happy to have native animals able to access the orchard, as long as they don’t cause too much damage. We have bandicoots, potoroos and pademelons in the orchard most nights and brushtail possums during the harvest season (they don’t take many nuts). Jane saw a platypus down at the river a few […]