Fresh walnuts on their way as Coaldale harvest winds up

It’s harvest time! We have been busy at Coaldale Walnuts over the past few weeks, harvesting and processing our 2019 crop. We wait for the nuts to fall on the ground before sweeping them up with our harvester and taking them back to the processing shed for cleaning and then drying in specialised bins with blowers and heaters.

Woman wearing high vis vest and ear muffs driving small harvester alongside a row of walnut trees. The harvester has a round sweeper on the front, to collect walnuts from the ground, and a conveyor on the side which deposits nuts in a bin which is towed behind the harvester.

Despite a slightly reduced yield due to spring blight, February sunburn and some cockatoo damage, the quality of nuts seems good this year.

We have been lucky to have a team of dedicated workers to help us make the magic happen – this year it was Sina and Samira from Germany, Maya from Japan and Charley from France and his Australian partner, Dominique.

New season nuts are now available for online orders, and are starting to become available from our retail partners. At this stage fresh Coaldale walnuts are available in Hobart from Eumarrah Organic and Natural Wholefoods, Salamanca Fresh outlets, Collide Wholefoods, and Wursthaus Kitchen.

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