Two walnuts on a tree. One still has the green husk around it and the other's husk is peeling off, showing the perfect walnut shell inside.

Harvest 2021 wrap up

We have just finished our harvest for this season and the nuts are looking great.

When we harvest we do several passes through our 1,500-tree orchard with our little harvester, collecting the nuts that have fallen naturally to the ground.

We then wash the nuts, remove any green husks that are still attached, do a quality check and then put them in drying bins. Once dry, they are ready to grade then store or sell in-shell. We’ll crack them as needed throughout the year for maximum freshness.

Once the leaves start falling from the deciduous walnut trees, it gets a bit more difficult for our harvesting equipment to pick up the nuts, so … over to you! That’s when we hold our annual open weekend for people to visit the orchard and collect their own walnuts.

We expect to have in-shell nuts and walnut kernel available from our online shop and stockists from mid-May.

4 thoughts on “Harvest 2021 wrap up”

  1. Lynette Stacy

    Do you sell your beautiful walnuts at the Salamanca Market? My brother will be at the market on Saturday 15 May and if he is able to purchase some of your kernels he will bring some back to Adelaide for me.

    I will also be putting in an order for a 5 or 10 kg bag of walnuts in their shell as soon as I have spoken to some of my friends who are wanting to share the order with me.

    I have ordered from you before.

    1. Hi Lynette, unfortunately we don’t go to the Salamanca Markets, and we have only just finished harvesting so we don’t have kernel available yet this season. We should have in-shell nuts available online in the next week or so, and we’ll be sure to keep an eye out for your order. Thank you for being such an excellent customer of Coaldale Walnuts!

  2. Jerildene Cane

    Hi Guys,
    We came to your open day for the first time and what a wonderful way to spend some time with the fam! We didn’t get a huge amount (weren’t sure what we would eat etc) but will certainly be back next year. This will be an annual even on the calender for sure.
    Also an awesome way to minimise waste and also an educational opportunity for the kids (and me).
    Thankyou so much for opening your farm up. It was lovey to see what’s within 30 mins of us and it be so amazing!!

    1. Hi Jerildene,
      Thanks for your generous comments and we are very pleased to hear you had such a good time. We really enjoy connecting with our community and inviting people in to pick their own walnuts.
      We look forward to seeing you and your family again next year!

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