Walnut Kernel



Walnut kernel, already cracked out of their shells so you can enjoy their goodness straight away.

Available in 250gm vacuum sealed packs, these walnuts are great for all types of cooking, including salads & desserts, as well as eating by the handful!

We vacuum seal our kernel in order to retain freshness for at least 6 months. This ensures the kernel maintains its health benefits and fresh flavour.

If you have ever eaten a walnut which tastes bitter, this is because the oils are oxidising and becoming rancid.


Please note that this price does not include shipping.

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1 Pack = $10 shipping and handling

2 – 7 Packs = $15 shipping and handling

8 – 18 packs will fit in the larger satchel for $18 shipping and handling.

If you require more than 18 packs, please contact us before purchasing.


Trade inquiries are welcome for bulk orders in Tasmania only, please contact us.