Harvest Now in Full Swing – Product Update

For all those people who have been enquiring about fresh walnuts – YES, they are back in stock. We commenced harvesting two weeks ago and should continue for another two weeks. We have been washing, drying and grading the nuts so they are ready to eat and they will stay fresh in shell for at least the next 9 months. So, I recommend you order your fresh nuts on line now!

We will start cracking for walnut kernel in the next few weeks and I will open online sales for kernel then. We have moved from the 250gm vacuum packs to 200gm stand up pouches this year. This is partly because we had some difficulty ensuring the vacuum packs held their vacuum. The new pouches are heat sealed and resealable. Also the price has dropped from $11.00 to $9.50.

Pickled walnuts are continuing to sell quickly with the new production run becoming available in mid February. They seem to be becoming more popular all the time. This years production is almost fully placed already. We are planning a 30% increase in production next year.

We have have been through a rebranding exercise recently and the new kernel packs and pickled walnut labels have changed their look. We hope you like it.

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  1. We purchased walnuts in shell last year and would like to order some again this year. However I noticed they are out of stock. Can I lodge an order pending more stock or are you finished for the year? I hope not. We would like to order 10kgs. Hope to hear from you.

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