Coaldale Walnuts attends Bream Creek Farmers Market

We had a great day on Sunday 6th November when we went to the Bream Creek Farmers Market for our first time. ( We had our brand new marquee and 3 new products – Fresh Roasted Walnuts, Savoury Roasted Walnuts (garlic, paprika, salt and pepper) and Cinnamon Sugared Roasted Walnuts. We sold out of these lines because people were really impressed after they tasted them! We also had a constant stream of taste plates of our pickled walnuts on crackers with cheese. Most people have never tasted pickled walnuts so it was great to see their surprise when they discovered how good they are. We sold out of them also. Poor old Charlotte (our wonderful British guest worker) was constantly restocking the taste plates and did a great job.

Bream Creek is a small, new market, not yet 12 months old but quickly becoming established as a quality producers’ market and growing each month. It is set in a beautiful lush valley overlooking Marion Bay. We are definitely going to make this a regular fixture, especially as it is only on every first Sunday of the month.

Jane all set up for business at the start of the day
Nothing like free samples to whet the appetites
Nothing like free samples to whet the appetites!


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  1. Well done to you Coaldale, you won me over with your pickled walnuts! I am going to send some home as Christmas gifts for my family.

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