Wildlife in the Orchard

We’ve always been happy to have native animals able to access the orchard, as long as they don’t cause too much damage. We have bandicoots, potoroos and pademelons in the orchard most nights and brushtail possums during the harvest season (they don’t take many nuts). Jane saw a platypus down at the river a few weeks ago when she went to check our pump. Also we have echidnas visiting frequently during summer. This little fellow was very interested in Marion’s shoes!

Unfortunately, our biggest wildlife problem is the Sulphur-Crested Cockatoos. Our local farmer group is about to commence a research program into this species and hopefully learn how we can manage them better.

Curious Echidna sniffing Marion's shoes
Curious Echidna sniffing Marion’s shoes
Marion's Echidna
Marion’s Echidna


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