Online Orders are back in full swing

We are back from leave, having spent a relaxing month travelling around Victoria and S.A. Please feel free to order any products as we have plenty of stock.

4 thoughts on “Online Orders are back in full swing”

  1. Hi, I’m a big fan of your walnuts (exceptional quality and by far the best I’ve ever tasted) and am interested in ordering some to give to family members. Do you have any remaining stock from last season? If so, is the quality still good? It may be a case of ‘pearls before swine’ but I’d like to give them a good introduction to premium Tasmanian produce!
    Regards, Tim

    1. Hi Tim
      My apologies but your comment slipped under our radar. We have just commenced harvest and fresh nuts are now available on line through our website sales.


  2. Olga Trojan

    Hi, I live in Launceston and i would like to know if you have dwarf varieties of walnut as I have small yard and how tall and wide they grow. Could you please give me the information if I can pick up the tree directly from your farm. Regards, Olga.

    1. Hi Olga
      I’m afraid I missed your enquiry until now. We do not supply walnut trees but they are generally a large tree so may not be suitable for your yard.


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